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Serious Superchargers™

American Forced Induction is focused on the development of the most advanced, durable, and powerful superchargers, with unparalleled power density.


Increasing adoption of centrifugal superchargers has created significant demand for better superchargers, and this is our specialty. Our core product offerings are primarily standalone superchargers, versus “bolt on systems”, as our focus is core technology and there are already numerous bolt on systems saturating the performance marketplace.

*We will start accepting orders from dealers on August 15th, 2022

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 What do we do?


  1. We manufacture superchargers specifically designed to replace others’ existing units. This saves costumers thousands, as costly brackets, drive systems, fuel systems, intercoolers and many other previously purchased components are reused.

  2. We are working to develop universal supercharger systems for SBC, BBC and LS platforms. Along with highly demanded and/or more cost effective complete bolt on supercharger systems that provide consumers considerable advantages.

  3. We work with competent 3rd party vendors so as to integrate our superchargers into their complete bolt on systems. Most third party vendors create niche markets for vehicles that may not be compelling for mainstream supercharger manufacturers to produce. In addition, many of these vendors are highly motivated to provide innovative features and benefits that are not commercially available for many vehicle platforms.

How do we do it?


Our team has decades of centrifugal supercharger experience. In 1993, our founder, Co-founded the largest aftermarket centrifugal supercharger manufacturing firm in existence today. He was then awarded more US Patents during his tenure there, than any other individual in any competing firms.  We now have several new patents pending that are directed to improved units manufactured by us; American Forced Induction. It is our belief that no other firm has more knowledge and experience, specifically pertaining to the design, unique operational characteristics and manufacturing of centrifugal superchargers, as does American Forced Induction.


We used this extensive knowledge to fundamentally re-design the structural architecture of existing superchargers, thus redistributing many of the internal stresses and forces that are naturally applied to the critical internal components.

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Transmission load and stress reallocation.

We developed a thrust supporting distal bearing system.

We developed a highly rigid pinion shaft system.

We eliminated the impeller shim and invented the
Virtual Shim™.

See video below


Our cast volutes are unique and advantaged.

We developed a sophisticated, aesthetic, and inventive billet volute.

All of our superchargers are internally lubricated.

We literally limit our supercharger transmission’s loads through configuration.

These Patent Pending and proprietary improvements, as well as others, allow us to produce a centrifugal supercharger with the highest power to size ratio (power density) and therefore in the smallest envelop/per provided horsepower on the market today.  This provides best in class performance and durability, less unit weight (significantly in some markets), and with less cost.                                                


It’s just more for less, and with peace of mind.


American Forced Induction, LLC.  St. Louis, Missouri, USA

 Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA.


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