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CAmerican Forced Induction, Inc Superchargers and Products are sold exclusively through our dealer network of installing automotive shops. AFI Dealers have Forced Induction Experience and Installation Facilities located in multiple regions, specializing in different automotive performance segments and markets. 


Become an AFI Dealer:

Automotive Shops with Forced Induction Experience and Installation Facilities, please contact us regarding AFI Dealer opportunities (please email shop photos and complete Dealer Form below). 


American Forced Induction (AFI) Dealers Information  

Customers please email and/or complete Customer Form at the bottom of this page. 


Drag Racing/Engine Builders:

BBC/SBC/LS/LT, Hemi, Coyote/Modular/Windsor, Race Engines


Chevrolet/GM (LS/LT, BBC/SBC)

Ford (Coyote, Godzilla, Modular, Windsor)

Dodge/Chrysler/Viper/Jeep/Ram (Gen III Hemi, Mopar)


Toyota, Nissan, BMW, Other

Please let us refer you to the right dealer for your specific application. 

 Customer Dealer Referral  

      AFI Dealer Form

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